Target expertise in the most remote corners of DR Congo in its October newsletter

Mercredi, 28 Novembre, 2018 - 15:44

During the third quarter of 2018, Target conducted several studies upon demand of its various clients.  In its newsletter (Newsletter No 6) published in October, the agency showed its commitment which is constantly renewed as regards collection of reliable data from the source in the most remote corner of DR Congo, within the twenty – six provinces of the Country.

Target had the opportunity to collect data in more than 50 places spread through a distance varying between 15 and 180 km of administrative centers of provinces of DR Congo.

From KAMBOVE to KIVULU, from BAHINA to DINGA, Target teams are able to reach the most remote corners of DR Congo in order to satisfy those who trusted him despite longue distances to be covered in hinterlands sometimes deprived of all road infrastructure.

Thus Target is able to sound out Congolese people, whatsoever be their location in order to provide relevant advises to its clients on the best methodology for taking better decision.

During the same period, Target increased its network of moderators at Kinshasa and in province. In its October newsletter, you will find out new candidates that joined this network.

Further, in order to improve skills of its human resources, Target organized a training session for its staff. How these kinds of trainings are run? For what results? The newsletter does explain it.  

Results of some recent studies, the six advises to investors in front of the diversity of DR Congo, you can get them in the newsletter of Target that you might read in integrality on this link: