Target presents a study on banks in the DRC


Considering the development's context of the banking sector's activities countrywide, Target published in 2017, a documentary study presenting the banking industry in DRC by emphasizing on the following elements: the bank branches cartography, opening accounts conditions for both natural and moral persons and the related expenses, payment methods (bank cards and checkbooks) and their tariffs.
In the same vein, in 2022, Target introduced an updated version of this survey. It includes terms and conditions and documents required by the banks for natural persons such as nationals, resident and non-resident foreigners, employees, and people practicing a liberal profession, but also for legal persons including companies, institutions, and organizations (NGOs) to open an account within the bank.
Target also provides information on bank accounts and their types, their maintenance fees, the amount of the first deposit, interest rates, the cost of the statement, the means of payment, and their tariffs (Cards and checkbooks), etc.
In addition, we find a mapping of ATMs, their locations, their operation, and security, as well as the digital products of the banks and an overview of the bank insurance.
Target carried out this study through economic intelligence and by documentary study supported by the Mystery client with the various banks of the place.
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Friday, May 6, 2022 - 15:28