At Target, one day with Hortense MBUMBA

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 12:14


Mrs. Hortense, that is how almost everyone calls her in the agency. She has been the Head of Project Department at Target since 2011. She is one of the people who best embodies Target spirit: professionalism, rigor and maturity. Today, one day with Hortense MBUMBA.


In her position, Mrs. Hortense trained several people on the basis of market research. Almost all of Target's interns and consultants went through his hands. Even today, she pursues this part of her work with passion. In the pile of emails, she reads in the morning, she dwells on those containing work of a Target consultant still under her wing. She dissects the work, undoes some imperfections and enters in her schedule of the day a moment of exchange with the related person. For this day alone, Mrs. Hortense's schedule includes three moments of sharing. The one with consultant, another with an intern who has just spent a week in her department and a last one, with the entire staff on values within Target.


She invites Natacha, the consultant in her office, and together they revisit the work produced by her. Incorrect details and inconsistencies are identified and corrected. At the end of this correction, she has a telephone meeting with Benjamin, who is on a mission in Brazzaville. Mrs. Hortense is more closely following the progress of study that Benjamin supervises in Brazzaville. She watches over it with the utmost care. Also, in Brazzaville, Mrs. Hortense also follows a survey conducted on behalf of a client with an ITCHA consultant. After this phone call, Mrs. Hortense takes a few minutes to follow up on current projects. She then exchanges with each member of the department who reports a summary of activities in progress.


In a few days, Target is embarking on a large-scale study in collaboration with a local company. The surveyors who will be working on this project are in a briefing meeting with Manon, Mrs. Hortense goes in the meeting room to talk with the team about professionalism in work.


Before going into an interview with surveyors, she talks to Divine for a few minutes. This one came with her computer. Together, they must analyze budgets allocated to some studies. What to prune, what to keep, the whole thing is studied meticulously according to objectives assigned to the study.


The length of Mrs. Hortense's break is conditioned by several factors, including the amount of work. When she has several tasks to perform, she takes a short 30-minute break, and immediately returns to work. But when it is more or less clear, she can take 45 minutes, or even 1-hour break.


Immediately after her break, she talks for a few minutes with Ange, who has been in Project Department for a week. They discuss on a projection made by Angel, brings some changes together and, agree on a time when Angel will come to do a simulation. The aim of this exercise is that Ange, although on an internship, be put in a real working situation. Today, she has an interview with the entire staff around 3pm, which justifies the fact that her break is shortened. She has to prepare her communication, reread her PowerPoint and prune the last shells.


An hour after returning from her break, the meeting room on the 7th floor is full. All Target staff are present for a moment of sharing lead by Mrs. Hortense. She focuses on Target's values internally and externally. She presents the company 5-key values and procedures put in place when someone violates a value advocated by the company.