At Target, one day with Blaise Pezo

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 - 12:31


Blaise Pezo has been heading Target's IT department since 2011. He embodies stability and is one of those who can tell the story of the Agency with his eyes closed. He is not very talkative. To spend a day with Blaise means to get ready for a peaceful day, without too much movement, yet filled with work and concentration.

From the eighth level of the building that shelters Target's offices, the window of Blaise's office lets in fresh air that allows him to do without air conditioning from time to time. His desk is tidy and well-organized, his computer, phones and some documents. Blaise rarely touches his cell phone when working. The only phone he touches is the landline on his desk and his phone conversations don't go beyond a minute. He simply either answer questions or ask them in order to collect necessary information.

Blaise usually arrives at the office at 7:30 a.m. and every morning, after reading his emails, he devotes himself to reading news. He then surfs between several news sites, confronts different sources of information and gets an idea of the country general temperature before starting his work. And to better perfume his job, he has an essential tool that serves as a compass: his notebook. Inside, he notes the main tasks to be performed during the day. And when a task is done, he ticks off his list. In this way, he knows how to evaluate himself at the end of the day, and above all, he knows where to start the next day.

For that day, much of his time was covered by checking questionnaire scripts for a study Target is to conduct on the use of household fuels and equipment. Blaise flips each question in all directions to make sure that it will actually collect the necessary information for the study. He takes great care in simulating answers for some questions to see if they are really worth it to be included.

At the end of this checking session, he talks for a few minutes with the General Manager who would like to have a window for Ben who has to travel to Brazzaville for a study. Together with Ben, they find the right date for this trip and immediately begin to prepare another activity that the IT department will lead within the Agency: training on the use of


databases. The training will be provided by Ben, but Blaise explains to him the general context of this training.

Blaise then returns to his computer. There are still emails to be sent, schedules to complete, projections for 2020 to be made, an inventory to be made, etc. And even though it's 5:00 p.m., the time he's supposed to leave the office, Blaise still has to stay, as he's training in business intelligence until around 8 p.m. This new skill that he is acquiring will allow him to sharpen his analysis of databases.