Target invites employees under the age of 35 to join the Young Esomar Society

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 17:39

Target hosted an information session with its various employees under the age of 35. The aim is to present young people in the field of project management and market research with the Young Esomar programme, an opportunity for them to refine their knowledge and know-how in this sector.

Martial BUDUILE Research Specialist within Target discussed with the twenty staff present about what the Young Esomar Society (YES) is, its benefits and contribution to the career of a young professional in market research.

I am a member myself, I know the benefits of it, and I can't help but share them with you,” Martial said in his introduction.

YES is the branch of ESOMAR that enables young people in market research sector to benefit from a wide range of information, training and employment opportunities in the sector.

For nearly two hours, Martial BUDUILE detailed the contours of YES and presented its impact on the career of a young person taking his first steps in market research. Among YES advantages, MARTIAL mentioned: acquisition of new knowledge and skills, integration of an international network of professionals in the sector, opportunity to see your innovative idea be awarded and accompanied up to the achievement etc.

For Target, it's important to attract young people interests, present them opportunities of this sector. “This is how the sector will be serviced and become competitive,” MARTIAL supported, before concluding that at the beginning of academic year, the same exercise will take place in Kinshasa's universities and higher institutes, with a view to attracting even more young people to market research.