Preferred celebrities and companies of Kinshasa young people, Target survey

Sunday, December 23, 2018 - 23:56


Young people constitute the majority of Kinshasa population. It is one of the most complex Targets to be understood and controlled since, their needs are evolving and multi – facetted. Young people are undecided and change very often their minds. However, Companies don’t have the luxury of ignoring this special customer. They took the gamble of being able to conquer, impose the goal of cementing their loyalty, since young as well as grown – up and seniors’ people, they have got a market with enormous potential. Despite the power purchase relatively limited, they are future brand ambassadors. And, success of well – known brands necessarily passes through them.

However, it is critical for a company to know the dreams and aspirations of young people. Target conducted a survey towards young people of 17 to 30 years old of Kinshasa city. They gave their spontaneous opinions on celebrities and companies they prefer. In order not to influence their answers, all the questions were open – questions. Everyone was free to spontaneously mention the person or company of his choice. We also allowed respondents to support their answers by explaining why they made such choice as regards personality or company.  



Survey conducted towards a sample of Congolese people randomly recruited then submitted to face – to – face interview based on an electronic question from August 22nd to 24th, 2018.

A sample of 1000 persons of which 500 men and 500 women, representing Kinshasa population of 17 to 30 years old.  The sample representativeness is ensured by the method of quota applied to the following variables: gender, age, occupation and city of residence.

All the 24 municipalities of Kinshasa: Bandalungwa, Bumbu, Kalamu, Kasa- Vubu, Makala, Ngiri - Ngiri, Selembao, Barumbu, Gombe, Kinshasa, Kintambo, Lingwala, Ngaliema, Limete, Lemba, Ngaba, Kisenso, Matete, Mont Ngafula, Kimbanseke, Maluku, Masina, N’djili and Nsele.

10 minutes of interviews.

Significance Test at 95% with SPSS software.



Who is the Congolese artist that most inspires you as young people?

Kinshasa young people mostly focused on musician artists, and at the top of classification we have Fally Ipupa (22%). Two comedians, Lady ESOBE held the 9th position with Christian musicians: L’Or MBONGO, Moise MBIYE and Athom’s that respectively have 3% and Fiston Sai – Sai, at the 11th position with 2%.  We also have some 4% each one.

Fally Ipupa is admired by young people of all districts, especially those living at LUKUNGA (35%). While the best classified lady (L’Or MBONGO) also gets her best score at LUKUNGA with 6%.  

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