Newsletter number 5 January – June 2018 : OPTIMIZATION

Sunday, December 23, 2018 - 22:41

During the first semester 2018, we capitalized these assets with capacity building of our teams and purchasing of software and tools to make our job more competitive. That is why we are surrounded with skilled staff. We renew our collaboration with local and international senior consultants. New units joined our teams as well in DR Congo as in other countries wherein we operate.

Technology is rapidly moving forward in our industry. We are making an effort to update the level and provide software and other tools. We have granted a wide experience during these last years in terms of performance of qualitative researches thanks to an application on smartphones or tablets. Instead of being in a room, the moderator hold his focus group online with several respondents connected to a platform. We would like to develop this technic during this year.

The newsletter 005 is providing more details on quality of life of our departments, some extracts of publications 2018 and events during the first semester 2018. Please click on this link to download the newsletter: