Newsletter 9: Target takes stock of how it will operate in the second quarter of 2019

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 18:03

Target has released its ninth newsletter covering the period from April to June 2019. The Newsletter reviews the operation of the agency's main departments during the quarter and also makes projections for the rest of 2019.

It can be noted, for example, that in the Project department, a Research Specialist participated in a training on initiation into the world of insurance. The training was organized by the Federation of Companies of Congo from 28 to 31 May 2019. Target, which aims to support companies, should take this training in view of the effectiveness of insurance market liberalization.

In the IT department, the rest of the year will focus more on training. Especially on two themes: Power Business Intelligence and statistical analysis.

This 9th newsletter has reserved a place for trainees. They spoke about their contacts with Target and market research. The impressions of both remain positive. The majority would like to pursue a career in market research industry

As far as the Agency is concerned, it should be noted that Target is firmly committed to promoting gender. This commitment to promoting gender has been demonstrated by the signing of the basic principles for women's empowerment and target's participation in a series of training on strengthening women's leadership.

In terms of studies, Target has continued its momentum by conducting several studies in 26 provinces of DR Congo. In addition to traditional studies that the Agency often conducts, Target also conducted an opinion poll to assess the popularity of the Congolese Head of State.

The newsletter is fully available on this link.