Esomar 2018: Participants put an emphasis on the insight

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 - 15:16

Target was well represented in the yearly congress of Esomar 2018 in Germany. Back from this forum, Arlette LEUMBOU, Senior Market Analyst within the agency shared conclusions of the Congress in a session opened to the public at Kinshasa this last October 4th.

The master word we should retain from Berlin congress is “insight”. The insight is the idea generated from a study that reveals a need of users or consumers not covered or partially covered up to date by the brand. The insight will have to cover a specific geographical area; it is an opportunity of business for customer of the market research agency in the determined area. Several methodologies are used to produce insights (focus groups, immersions, ethnographies, data mining, quantitative segmentation, workshop, etc…)

During a restitution session, Arlette LEUMBOU explained that insight is a need not covered by the company. She also underlined that customers are waiting for agencies of winning insights. Even if revealing winning insights is a permanent challenge for agencies, she underlined.   

According to her, qualitative studies remain the foundation of insights. For that purpose, several opportunities are present in DR Congo if qualitative research increasingly becomes central. She exhorted professionals of market research to adapt to this new requirement. She underlined that the discovery of winning insights is a sensitive and complex approach. In order to reach that point, it is important to build capacities of qualitative teams throughout the country, especially as regards moderation and analysis of results of achieved surveys. The stakes are high in the context that currently presents DR Congo whereas social studies are very crucial. One specificity at this congress has been the increasing involvement of young people in research and several topics focusing on women, as she pointed out. Several other subjects were dealt with during the restitution session of the Congress ESOMAR 2018, such as:     

Gender equality in 360°

  • Panels: a fast – growing offer;
  • Panels: an opportunity to explore again in DR Congo;
  • Tools of collection, analysis and reporting: cumulated offer becoming current;
  • Representatives of countries and organizations: Africa is dragging its feet;
  • Artificial intelligence.

The next Esomar congress shall be held in 2019 in Scotland. As usual, Target is planning to participate and be represented by one young member of its team.

Relive the image and video what was the restitution session by clicking on: